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                            Welcome to Jazzed Up Pointes!  

Our mission is to make a great memento for your dancer's recital, musical or holiday and seasonal performances!  Shoes that we have displayed in our gallery are simply ideas…we aim to create a decorative piece to remember a wonderful and exciting time!

This weekend only…receive a $5 discount when using coupon code SPRING on our Etsy shop! Celebrating these gorgeous first few days of Spring (and a few days off from work!)

New this Spring…decorative shoes make great gifts or mementos for Musicals!

This one made for my daughter's high school performance of Oklahoma! A gift for their choreographer, made even more special by the dance cast signing the back of the shoe!  Send message to get group rate.
We had been thinking of a Sweet 16 pointe shoe and her she is! Painted in the prettiest pink and studded with diamond crystals. Shimmering white is on the shank and light pink on the binding, wrapped in a gorgeous pink braided ribbon! Tied up in sheer cream ribbons. Very simple, elegant and a little wild…sweet 16!
Sells for $29 
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